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Massage Therapy

To provide our patients with the best possible massage and bodwork services available, we have partnered with Gulf Coast Wellness.

Gulf Coast Wellness is conviently located on premise, within the Crawford Wellness Center suite. If you would like to schedule a massage, please reachout directly to them.

Ashley Tukiainen LMT
(832) 970-9585

Gulf Coast Wellness
6550 Mapleridge, Ste. 115
Houston, Texas 77081

Massage Research

Research has shown massage has positive effects on . . .

According to the winter 2004 edition of The Medical Arts Press newsletter, Like It Is, "massage stimulates circulation, which increases vital supplies of oxygen and nutrients to the body. It increases cell metabolism and facilitates removal of waste products. It maintains efficiency of the body's immune system by aiding lymph flow. It relaxes and tones muscle; stretches the connective tissues of joints and increases ranges of motion..."

"Massage is one of the oldest known methods of promoting healing. When performed properly it can loosen secretions and clear congestion. It aids circulation by enhancing blood supply to the area, thus promoting healing. Massage is a great way to relax muscles, relieve spasms and reduce pain. It can aid in restoring motion and function, as well as reducing and preventing edema..." as written by Gail A. Chester in According to Modern Medical Assisting.

Research has shown 15-minute chair massages decrease job stress, increase alertness and increase speed and accuracy of arithmetic problem solving.

Almost 90% of visits to primary care physicians, i.e. Medical Doctors, are for stress-related ailments. Prescriptions mask most symptoms, while the personal contact through massage, as well as other alternative care, stimulates and aids in resolving or curing the cause.

Health costs are on the rise! Health care costs are almost 50% greater for those workers reporting elevated levels of stress.

Stress is the cause of approximately 40% of job turnovers.

By taking preventative measures, your company can save money on job stress-related expenses, including but not limited to, employee hiring, employee training, employee unemployment, diminished productivity, absenteeism and lowered morale.