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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural way to help the body heal. A subluxation is a bone out of place that pinches a nerve. A pinched nerve will cause pain and eventually lead to an irritation of one's internal organs. Adjustments are used to correct a subluxation. There are a group of chemicals, stored in a liquid state, in each joint. When the joints are adjusted, the chemicals transform into a gaseous state. That is the "pop" you may hear during an adjustment. In other words, it is like drinking a soda, carbonation accumulates and causes a "burp". Dr. Amy suggests her patients drink 32 ounces more water (without ice) than they would normally after an adjustment. Some patients may experience slight pain after an adjustment if they do not drink enough water. Once the joints have been re-hydrated, the pain should subside.

We believe in achieving optimum health through . . .

Prevention has many facets . . . You take your car to the mechanic for oil changes. You go to the dentist to prevent tooth decay. Take preventative measures to boost your immune system today!

Treatment Schedules:
Treatment schedules are customized to insure each patient returns and maintains optimum health as quickly as possible. Additionally, the patient also has a responsibility to keep appointments. Through commitment and team work, wellness will soon be a reality.

We look forward to designing a custom prevention program for you!